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A History of Salt Therapy

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Salt has been used for healing purposes all over the world since ancient times. In the West, there are reports of salt being inhaled to improve breathing since the times of Hippocrates.

In 1843, Felix Bocakowski, a Polish Physician was the first to mention the benefits of natural salt mines because he realized that the salt mine workers he treated had very healthy respiratory systems. Since then, natural salt mines were utilized to naturally treat respiratory ailments. Seeking relief, those suffering from respiratory illnesses were brought into the salt mines and even slept there overnight. A study called “About the Breathing of Salt Dust” was published.

This salt mine in the Ukraine was used for convalescence for patients with respiratory illnesses. This is how salt therapy was administered for many years.

In the 1980, however, intensive studies in Eastern Europe have been conducted to determine the therapeutic factors of natural salt mines. Prof. Dr. Chervinskaya, the founder of Halotherapy and a team of Scientists concluded that dry salt aerosol is the main therapeutic factor of natural salt mine climates. With this knowledge it became a possibility to re-create this microclimate above ground.

In 1990, the Russian Ministry of Public Health sanctioned Halotherapy  / Dry Salt Aerosol Therapy as valid medical treatment, based on data collected  from 15 Russian hospitals (from 1991 to 1994). Over 4,700 patients have been evaluated with various types of pulmonary diseases with a high success rate.

In early 2000, Halotherapy was introduced into the Health Spa sector and is spreading rapidly in Europe and North America. Many wellness centers are now incorporating Salt Therapy into their practices!

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