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Salt Therapy Relieves Allergy Symptoms

The change of seasons creates upper respiratory symptoms and discomfort for allergy sufferers. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and the numbers continue to rise. Allergy sufferers seek relief from a variety of prescription medications, decongestants, and antihistamines, but many find these agents cannot deliver long term relief. As a result, an increasing number […]

Salt: Natural Enemy of Infectious Disease

Salt is a mineral which has figured prominently in the economy, social fabric, and culinary practices of virtually every country and culture on the planet. As early as 6000 BC, salt was processed by boiling spring or sea water in Romania and China. In centuries past it was prized by Ancient Greeks, Romans, Hebrews, Egyptians […]

How does salt therapy work?

Maybe you’ve wondered how salt therapy works to improve physical health. It’s one thing to walk out of a session feeling like you can breathe again, and another to understand the reasons why. It’s not your imagination! Dry salt inhalation works in specific ways to provide a therapeutic benefit, and this post will explain some […]

A Brief History of Halotherapy

Today’s modern salt therapy spas can trace their roots to the 19th –century salt mines of Poland and Russia. In the 1830’s, physician Dr. Felix Boczkowski treated Polish salt miners of the Wieliczka mine, and noted that they enjoyed much better respiratory health than their peers. Dr. Boczkowski postulated that salt particles, called aerosols, were […]