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Naturopathic Medicine

Salt Sanctuary is pleased to announce that naturopathic medicine is now being offered at our location!

All services are provided by the practitioners of Integrative Medicine of Frederick LLC, a practice which is now operating at Salt Sanctuary. Integrative Medicine of Frederick provides an experience that is patient-centered and focused both on restoring good health and preventing future illness.

Integrative Medicine of Frederick offers comprehensive, evidence-based medical care that draws on precision diagnostics and functional medicine to develop personalized treatments using a naturopathic approach. Every initial visit includes a comprehensive review of your history and lab records, a hands-on physical exam, and possibly additional testing to fully address the problems you’re currently experiencing. The team at IMF will also assess your environment, outlook, and lifestyle as these are factors that often influence healing.

The naturopathic doctor and advanced nurse practitioners at Integrative Medicine of Frederick use proven natural treatments and lifestyle changes. But when needed or desired, the team has the expertise to prescribe and use the tools of today’s advanced medicine cabinet!

To learn more, visit Integrative Medicine of Frederick at today, and get started on the road to better health!

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