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Salt Therapy Relieves Allergy Symptoms

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person-sneezing2The change of seasons creates many symptoms and discomfort for allergy sufferers. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some type of allergies and the numbers continue to rise.

Allergy sufferers seek relief from a variety of prescription medications, decongestants, and antihistamines, but many find these agents cannot deliver long term relief. As a result an increasing number of patients are turning to complementary therapies.

Known in Eastern Europe for well over 100 years but relatively new to the US, is the concept of dry salt therapy. In a dry salt therapy room, participants relax for 45 minutes and breathe in micronized pure pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride. The aerosolized salt particles are small enough to be breathed into the sinus cavities and deep into the lungs to cleanse, clear mucus, and reduce inflammation. Salt therapy also kills bacteria and enables a better immune response to allergens, irritants, and pathogens. salt

In addition to allergies, clinical studies also show that Halotherapy (salt therapy) is beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of asthma, allergic and chronic bronchitis, frequent colds, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and a number of sinus issues. Doctors and scientists champion the benefits of salt therapy as a natural, side-effect free, and low cost option to alleviate symptoms, breathe easier, and feel better.

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